Update for 2018:

I'm excited to share that I've joined the doula team at MyBirth LLC. I've worked with Emily Bruno as my backup doula for many years and I appreciate the level of professionalism, education, and support this business provides Richmond families. I will keep this website up for a shorttime so that clients can know where to find me, learn about my work and read testimonials. Inquiries can still be submitted through here or at sara.mybirthrva@gmail.com

* I'm only taking two birth clients per month, so please contact me quickly if you'd like to work with me! 

Check out my Doulamatch profile here


  • Access to your doula via text, phone, and email from the time that we receive your signed contract and deposit. Your doula will answer any questions that you have, offer encouragement, information, and resources for ways to improve your pregnancy.
  • Two prenatal consultations, each approximately two hours in length. The first consultation is in our office with other parents that are expecting their baby(s) in the same time period. This visit will be an opportunity to get to know the other doulas of MyBirth, build community with other parents, and learn more about birth and what to expect on the big day. The second visit is in your home with your doula, and will cover the personal side of birth; your concerns and goals, how she can serve you best during your labor and postpartum, reviewing your Birth Preferences, and any other questions you may have.
  • Your doula's 24/7 availability from week 38 of your pregnancy until the birth of your child(ren), plus the peace of mind that comes with knowing the other doulas in our group.
  • Your doula's continuous support through the entirety of your birth, both over the phone and in person. Carefully considering your goals for how you would like to experience childbirth, your doula will tailor her encouragement to your desires, meeting you where you are and offering unwavering  support for your decisions.
  • Two postpartum visits, one in the hospital the day after birth, the other within 48-72 hours of your arrival home. These visits will focus on easing your transition into life with baby, your recovery from childbirth, and getting a solid foundation on the basics of feeding your baby.
  • Continued support from your doula via text, email, and phone as you progress through the first days, weeks, and months of parenthood. We really are your doulas forever!

In researched studies, doula care has been shown to provide:

  • 50% fewer cesareans
  • 25% reduction in the length of labor
  • 30% less use of pain medication
  • 40% less use of the drug Pitocin
  • 50% fewer epidurals needed
  • Higher breastfeeding rates, initially and long term
  • Greater maternal satisfaction
  • Lower rates of postpartum depression